Roffe’s Transport invest in 3 brand-new DAF vehicles after 33 years of buying used

Roffe’s Transport invest in 3 brand-new DAF vehicles after 33 years of buying used

27th March 2023 | Ford & Slater DAF
Roffe’s Transport invest in 3 brand-new DAF vehicles after 33 years of buying used

After 33 years of buying second-hand vehicles, transportation and haulage company, Roffe’s Transport, decides to buy new! 

The family-run business, based in Sutton Bridge, has been in operation since 1977. With years of experience behind them, Roffe’s Transport has an abundance of specialised industry knowledge, which allows them to meet all their customers’ needs with ease.  

For the past 33 years, they have bought used vehicles from a variety of different places, but over the years the second-hand market has changed drastically causing them to make the move to buying new vehicles, including 3 brand-new DAF XGs from Ford and Slater.  

Commenting on the changes in the market, Tom Roffe said, “With how the second-hand market got, it meant you were paying nearly brand-new money for something with 200,000 if not 300,000 kilometres on the clock. For us, it made business sense to spend that little bit more and buy something brand new.” 

Fuel efficiency of newer vehicles is considerably better than those made in earlier years, and this is something that Roffe’s Transport considers important as they are conscious of their environmental impact as a haulier. 

Roffe’s Transport has seen an increase in the amount of work they have taken on and the clients they have been working with, because of this they have also seen a significant increase in the number of vehicles they own. They have also expanded into the warehousing industry and made changes in their line of work from flatbeds to more ambient food and goods, warranting the move to curtain siders.  

They have run DAF Trucks for a large proportion of the time they have been in operation, and this has become their vehicle of choice as they “know what they get, and what they’re paying for.” Roffes Transport is hoping that their new vehicles will provide them with high standards, which they can then pass on to their customers. 

Having used Ford and Slater for truck parts among other things, along with the relationship they hold, the investment in 3 new DAF XG’s from Ford and Slater “just made sense” according to Tom Roffe.  

Roffe’s Transport has built up a “good working relationship with Ford and Slater, and they always try and accommodate them, even at a very last-minute thing”. Roffe was extremely grateful for everything Chris Mason, Kings Lynn Ford and Slater Sales Manager, has done with this order as he concludes: “It has been a pleasure working with Chris from the start of this order to the delivery.” 

Ford and Slater are happy to be providing Roffe’s Transport with their new vehicles.